Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine Jet Cycle Mk 14 Bullock Vintage Games Workshop Miniature

This is the Mark 14 Bullock Jet Cycle – or Jet Bike – as shown in the December 1987 issue of White Dwarf (#96). The model design was accredited to “Citadel designer and full-time Scottish person Bob “mince ‘n tatties” Naismith”.

“Johan Blank” wrote up a piece on it:

0852640.M41 Tester’s Comments.

Geno-Sensor – vast improvement over Mk13; the sensor picked up my print and fired the engine as soon as I touched the seat. Better than the old retinal identification system – since the Mk12 burned an eye out, I’m glad to see the back of it.

Body-config – good; the extra hydraulics in the steering gear bring the whole instrument panel into reach from either hand.

Gravitic drive is fast and functional – no feel compared to the wheelies but lots quicker. Bit more shove than the old model so I was glad of those hug-seats when stacking the Gs. See attached spec sheet for in-flight recorded profile. The standard full-throttle maximum burn and overheat tests showed a definite weakness in the front exhaust manifolds. As this was the Mk14’s first red-run, this was to be expected. Suggest we move the first couple of exhaust bars under the machine and well clear of the rider’s right leg. I couldn’t reach the emergency medi-kit on the prototype model – but the doc says they can graft a new leg on and I’ll be back on the road sometime next week.

The twin bolters performed well. The new feed belts definitely need some work as the destruction test blew out far too early. The extra speed of the Mk14 is too much for the old deflectors – I caught almost four grams of shrap in the left lung, mostly from the shattered shielding. Doc’s got me in the cybron-gill – but he’s promised me something better soon. I haven’t seen the specs on the full-speed collision test. I’ll give them a good going over when the bandages come off. Doc says I’ll have a job focussing with the new eyes but they’re rigging up some temporary auto-sense right now. The new front hydraulics definitely need beefing up a bit – them pistons are there to save your bones not pulp your whole chest cavity.

Summary. Fine piece of metal. A vast improvement on the Mk13. More chrome please.

Johan Blank

The rules back then stated that it could hover as well as fly at speed. Of note; “The Mk13 is already in service with the Army and, in modified forms, with many Marine chapters.”

Of further note – “Various weapon combinations have been ear-marked for testing with the Mk14. The standard combined twin-bolter assembly will be fitted to most machines. Many Marine Chapters favour a heavier supporting armament as part of their recon squad, usually on the basis of 1 bike in 5.”

Equipment consisted of a built-in auto-drive, with optional bio-scanner, energy scanner, communicator or auto-aim (controlling the twinned bolters, or main armament). Exact specification can be changed depending on the circumstances: most equipment simply bolts on.

The metal body was designed to accomodate the plastic Marines of the time.

There’s a reasonably extensive section on the Raven Wing’s ten squads and their use of jet cycles and five different configurations were suggested. More of an update on that another time.

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