Warhammer 40K Metal Techmarine from Command Box 1998

Some oldhammer! Or is this middlehammer? I lose track. This Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Techmarine was released as part of the Company Command box set a month 3rd edition hit, apparently – which would put him at being released in late 1998. Still using the same metal backpack as the older 2nd Ed. Techmarines, his sculpt is a mirror of the Captain with Terminator Honours and various others. It’s a Jes Goodwin sculpt.

In the 2004 US catalogue this miniature is part number 010110305 with backpack 010107503 and axe/hand 010110306.

I was painting the metal guys up as a Raven Guard successor when I got him, so he has been stripped for repainting in blue. The RG successor scheme:

Classic Metal Techmarine Sculpt from Warhammer 40K painted in a Raven Guard Successor Chapter scheme. From 2nd Edition.

All painted using Scale75 with the exception of some washes and a contrast – in the scheme of a Raven Guard sucessor that is as yet unnamed. Back when I was playing 2nd. Ed I called them the Harbingers, but that name is actually a canon chapter now (perhaps it was then too) so I need to find another.

Base armour: Scale75 Artrist Green Grey, attempted to shade with SIN-42 Golem Grey but it wasn’t very dramatic

Base armour highlight: 50/50 Green Grey and Scale75 SART-16 Artist Arctic Blue

Base armour ultimate highlight: Arctic Blue

Red base: Scale75 Crimson

Red highilight: Scale75 Primary Red

Red wash: Carroburg Crimson

Metal base: Scale75 Black Metal

Metal wash: Drakenhof Nightshade

Metal shade: Scale75 Instant Fairy Blood

Metal highlight: Black Metal then Thrash Metal and Speed Metal, White Alchemy as ultimate highlight

Axe glow at the back: Scale75 Art White + Talassar Blue Contrast

Eye lens: Scale75 Sap Green and Spring Green, dot of Art White

Cables: Primary Blue, Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Primary Yellow, Dark Violet, Turquoise Blue

Wash for cog and rack on servo arm: Vallejo Mecha Dark Rust Wash

Wash for tubes on arm/backpack: Scale75 Instant Love Affair

Purity Seal: Scale75 Off White, Seraphim Sepia, writing Scale75 Artist Burnt Sienna Umber

Eye (all black as per RG): Scale75 Artist Art Black

Battle damage: Sponged on Black Metal

Prongs on power cords: SC-74 Elven Gold

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