Painting Stormcast Annihilators – Gold scheme V2

This is the third attempt at a colour scheme for a Stormcast Annihilator from the Dominion box and the second gold attempt – I think it’s much better than the first, the gold shading really made a lot of difference.

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Metal base: Scale75 Necro Gold, Scale75 Viking Gold over that

Metal shade: Watered down Scale75 Instant Arcane Purple, 7 or so layers at the darkest point

Highlight with Dwarven Gold

Highlight that with Elven Gold

Highlight that with Peridot Alchemy

Highlight that with Citrine Alchemy


Black Metal

Thrash Metal

Heavy Metal

Wash in recesses – hold model upside down – with Fairy Blood, followed by Shadow Black


Mournfang Brown

Shade with Grizzly Brown

Red handles:

Vallejo Heavy Red

Shade with Grizzly Brown


Vallejo Heavy Red, shade with Grizzly Brown, highlight Vallejo Model Color Cold White

Blue: Prussian Blue, shade with Drak, further spot shade with Fairy Blood, highlight with Prussian Blue and some light scratches with same

Lightning: Dry Skink Blue

Shield blue: Prussian Blue/Drak/highlight Prussian Blue, 50/50 Prussian+Temple Guard, then straight Temple Guard

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