Vintage Citadel Metal Warhammer 40K Callidus Assassin

I found this Imperial Agent Calidus Assassin still new in blister – I honestly don’t recall whether they were called Callidus or Calidus back in the day, but it seems to have two Ls in it now. The model was starting to go a bit green in the blister but nothing too dramatic.



The foam was largely a powder. 5 quid – not half bad!



The back, for anyone curious:


Out of the blister:


Looks alright!



The back, however:



First crack at painting her:

Second attempt three years and 30 miniatures later:

Paints used in the second go:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Red: Kimera Toluidine Red, then Pro Acryl Bold Pyrrole Red, shaded with Pro Acryl Burnt Red mixed progressively with Art Black. Highlighted with a mix of Pyrrole Red and Pro Acryl Orange, further highlighted with pro Acryl Orange mixed with Pro Acryl Titanium White.
  • White: Scale75 Artic Blue then Art White, shaded with Nuln oil. Highlight of Pro Acryl Titanium White.
  • Bone: Pro Acryl Ivory, highlighted with Pro Acryl Titanium White. Shaded with Targor Rageshade. Highlighted with Pro Acryl Ivory.
  • Leather: Kimera Toluidine Red mixed with Art Black, shaded with Sigvald Burgundy contrast. Decided that the warm brown was no good for this particular model and re-did it with a mix of Pro Acryl Titanium White and Art Black, highlighted with a blend of the same leaning more towards white. Shaded with a mix of Nuln and Black Legion Contrast.
  • Gun: Sap Green, highlighted with Turquoise Blue, highlighted with Art White, glazed with Cobalt Blue. Tried again with Emerald Green followed by a mix of Emerald/Spring Green then highlighted with Titanium White. The latter three used for the sword too.
  • Silver: Vallejo Metal Color Steel, then Black Metal/Thrash Metal/Speed Metal/White Alchemy. Washed with Nuln.
  • Copper: Decayed Metal, then Old Copper, then Amber Alchemy, then White Alchemy.
  • Black: Art Black, highlighted with a mix of Pro Acryl Titanium White and Art Black.
  • Base: Goblin Green then a drybrush of Sunburst Yellow.

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