Space Marine Metal Librarian Codicier 2 – Vintage Warhammer 40K

This guy is designed by Jes Goodwin and is marked as Codicier 2 in the catalogue, part number 70083/1.

Marked as 1994, near as I can make out.

Paints used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Base coat: Scale75 Artist Cobalt Blue, blending up to Primary Blue, shade of Cobalt Blue

Black: Scale75 Artist Black, highlight of Violet Grey

Silver: Scale75 Black Metal

Bone/Parchment: Scale75 Buff, blended up to Off White and Vanilla White, shade of Burnt Sienna Umber

Purple: Dark Violet, with Purple blended to a mix of Purple and Violet Grey, on the oval thing on the axe a highlight of Art White for the reflection

Hot metal effect: Art White followed by Primary Yellow, blended to Golden Flesh, blended to Orange, blended to Primary Red, blended to Crimson. Edge highlighting done with a mix of 50:50 Burnt Sienna and Burnt Sienna Umber, with corners done in Art Black.

Work in progress:

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