Metal Space Marine Scout with Shotgun 1

This guy was part number 010109003 and is a 1997 Jes Goodwin sculpt as per White Dwarf #235.

Sculpted 1997, by the looks of it.

Paints used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue: Scale75 Cobalt Blue shaded with Prussian Blue, highlighted with Primary Blue

Black: Art Black, highlighted with Pearl Grey

Eyes: Art White mixed with Buff, iris Cobalt Blue, pupil Art Black

Hair: Buff, shaded with Burnt Skin, highlighted with Vanilla White

Red: Art White followed by Red Ochre, then Crimson, then Primary Red, highlighted with Orange and then Intense Yellow

Shells: Vallejo Old Copper, washed with Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Pure Copper and Moonstone Alchemy

Skin: Pink Flesh, Golden Flesh, Burnt Skin, Buff, Light Skin and Crimson… muddled around a lot

Pigment: Scale75 Dark Mud and Sienna

Varnish: Vallejo Mecha Matt

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