Vintage Warhammer 40K Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine in Artificer Armour 4

This guy was a 1990 sculpt as far as I can tell and was part number 70270/2. He appears in the 1991 catalogues.

Painted as an Ultramarine!

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha black
  • Blue: Scale75 Artist Cobalt Blue, highlighted with that + Pro Acryl Titanium White, shaded with that + Scale75 Art Prussian Blue, further shading with Art Black
  • Black: Art Black, highlighted with Titanium White + Art Black
  • Copper for Armiger head: Decayed Metal, then Victorian Brass, then Amber Alchemy, then Moonstone Alchemy, then Dirty Down Verdigris
  • Rim: Vallejo Black Grey
  • Base: Martian Ironearth on left, PVA glue and ballast on right. Red Ochre mixed with Art Black for the base colour, then Reddish Brown pigment, then Natural Soil, then Sand, a little bit of Gypsum on the rock, a little bit of Ash on the Armiger face to try and get a bit of separation. Wild Grass tuft for behind.
  • Red: Pro Acryl Bold Pyrrole Red, then Primary Red, shaded with Burnt Sienna Umber, further shaded with Art Black. Very slight highlight of Primary Yellow.
  • Armiger lens: Primary Yellow, shaded with Crimson, shaded with Art Black
  • Lens: Scale75 Art Sap Green, highlighted with that + Primary Yellow, a little bit of a further highlight with Titanium White mixed in. ‘Ardcoat to finish.

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