Legion of the Damned Space Marine with Flamer 010109604

I bought this chap new in the 90s and found him again in 2022 after not seeing him for close to 20 years. Here’s how he was when I found him again:

1998 on the tab. Not much of the original paintjob survived. Perhaps I forgot to prime…

Colours used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Black: Scale75 Artist Green Grey, highlighted with a blend of Green Grey and Spring Green

Armour Glow: Pro Acryl Titanium White then Spring Green. Revisited with Scale75 Inktense White and Inktense Lime. Blended with a mix of Spring Green and Green Grey.

Bone: Pro Acryl Ivory, washed with Targor Rageshade. Highlighted with Ivory mixed with Titanium White

Metal: Thrash Metal

Base: Agrellan Earth over ‘Ardcoat. Then Soilworks Mars, then Reddish Brown, then Sand. Rim of Vallejo German C. Black Brown.

Metal: Metal Color Burnt Iron, Steel, Copper, Semi-Matte Aluminium and Jet Exhaust blended together. Slight highlight with Peridot Alchemy.

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