Metal Space Marine Devastator Sergeant 0813

This chap came in the Devastator box back in 1993. In the 1998 catalogue he’s shown as Sergeant 2, part number 010100901 and in the 2005 he’s Sergeant 2 but part number 99060101279.

Update: Found him in the 1995 catalogue as Space Marine Sergeant 2, part number 0813/1.

Colours used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue base: Scale75 Artist Cobalt Blue SART-27

Blue highlight: Scale75 Artist Primary Blue SART-03

Blue shade: 50:50 Scale75 Instant Paralyze Blue SIN-18 and Instant Fairy Blood SIN-12

Red base: Scale75 Artist Crimson

Red highlight: Scale75 Artist Primary Red SART-05

Red further highlight: Scale75 Artist Orange SART-22

Red shade: Scale75 Instant Health Red SIN-03

Purity seal bone colours: Scale75 Off White SART-47

Lenses: Scale75 White Ink followed by Scale75 Fluoro Green

And done but for the base:

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