Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine Brother Hamilton 070106 2

This chap is Brother Hamilton in the April 1988 RT3 flyer and Bolter 10 070106/2 in the later catalogues.

He seems to be named after Neil Hamilton, who played Commissioner Gordon in the 1960s Batman TV show.

This model appears in the original run of Citadel Combat Cards as Gideon Fax, a Marine Medic in the Mentors chapter.

1987 on the tab!

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, shaded by mixing in Kimera’s Orange, highlighted by mixing in Kimera’s The White
  • Silver: Scale75 Black Metal, washed with Basilicanum Grey, highlighted with Black Metal. Then Heavy Metal, then Speed Metal.
  • Lenses: Kimera’s Phthalo Green mixed with Kimera’s Cold Yellow as a base, followed by Scale75 Art Spring Green, mixed with Cold Yellow and The White. Shaded by mixing in The Red to Spring Green.
  • Leather: Kimera’s Oxide Brown Medium followed by Oxide Brown Dark. Highlights done by mixing in Cold Yellow and Orange.
  • Black: Kimera’s Carbon Black followed by mixing in some The White.
  • Red: Kimera’s The White, followed by The Red, highlighted by mixing in some Cold Yellow, shaded by mixing in some Phthalo Green.
  • Skull: Kimera’s Oxide Brown Light, followed by Natural Soil, then Gypsum

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