Rogue Trader Space Marine Brother Slater 070106 6

This is Brother Slater from Rogue Trader! Also known as Bolter and Sensor.

He appears as Brother Slater in the RT3 flyer in April 1988.

No date on this tab!


Paints used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue: Scale75 Cobalt Blue, highlighted with Primary Blue and Pro Acryl Titanium White

Red: Pro Acryl Bold Pyrrole Red, shaded with Targor Rageshade, highlighted with Bold Pyrrole Red + Pro Acryl Golden Yellow

Silver: Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, shaded with Targor Rageshade

Base: Natural Soil, then Sand, then Gypsum for highlighting the rock

Green: Sap Green, Spring Green mixed with Titanium White

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