Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine Brother Leanman or Lestrade

This guy goes by Brother Lestrade, Brother Leanman or Bolter 9, depending on which catalogue/flyer you are looking at. Part number 070106/5.

Designed by Bob Naismith.

He’s listed as Brother Lestrade in the Feb 1988 Astronomican, and Brother Leanman in the Sept 1987 White Dwarf 93 RTO1 listing and in the Feb 88 flyer.

He’s a 1987 sculpt.

I have two of these guys and one had the bonding studs filed off – I didn’t notice until painting was underway.

Paints used:

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, highlighted mixed with Primary Blue and Pro Acryl Titanium White, shaded with Art Black

Lenses: Sap Green, highlighted with Spring Green and Pro Acryl Golden Yellow then Titanium White

Black: Art Black, highlighted with a mix of Art Black and Titanium White

Base: Burnt Sienna then Natural Soil and Sand pigments

Decals: Ultramarine Forge World sheet, Armiger sheet for the honour markings

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