Metal Space Marine with Plasma Gun 0421 2

This guy is part number 0421/2.

Looks like he was designed in 1992.

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black

Base Coat: Scale75 Artist Primary Blue, shaded with Cobalt Blue, shaded further with Prussian Blue

Red: Scale75 Artist Pale Flesh, followed by Crimson, highlighted with Primary Red, further highlighted with Orange, recess shaded with diluted Prussian Blue. Plasma gun had a further blend and highlight of Primary Yellow

Plasma glow: Scale75 Artist White, with Spring Green around the edges, blended to Scale75 Fluoro Green, then to straight White. Then LIT pigment (eBay affiliate link) glow in the dark pigment across the brightest sections, mixed in with Scale 75 pigment binder to get it to stick.

Joints: Scale75 Artist Black. Same with the grips on the guns. Highlighted by Violet Grey.

Eyes: Scale75 Artist White, followed by diluted Spring Green, followed by diluted Fluoro Green, followed by diluted Emerald Green

Silver: Scale75 Black Metal

Gold: Scale75 Necro Gold, highlighted with Elven Gold, further highlight Citrine Alchemy

Leather: Scale75 Burnt Sienna, shaded with Black/Burnt Sienna 50:50, highlighted with Pale Flesh:Burnt Sienna 50:50

Skull on hand: Scale75 Buff, shaded with Buff:Burnt Sienna Umber, highlighted with Vanilla White

Varnish: Vallejo Mecha Varnish Matt

Here he is now:

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