Metal Rogue Trader Officers – Captain with Bolter and Power Sword

This guy was part number 070145/10 and was part of the three Officers set 070145/3 in Rogue Trader days. He’s a Mark Copplestone sculpt and appears in the 1989 catalogues.

Unfortunately he became detached from his tab at some point. No date on the back of the tab. I had a go at a darker skin tone this time, working with Kimera’s Oxide Brown Dark which is PBr11 – an earth orange pigment – mixing in some Ultramarine which complements it very well – to get variation in tone and pull it down to a darker tone without needing to mix in Carbon Black for the most part – just a little around the eye socket and under the chin. For the skin highlights I initially tried mixing in The White but it turned out a lot more grey and desaturated than I wanted, so I mixed in a little bit of The Red in to bring some colour back in, which improved things. I also mixed in some The Red with the base skin colour for around the eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt
  • Skin: Kimera Oxide Brown Dark, shaded with Ultramarine Blue, highlighted with The White semi-unsuccessfully. Further shading with Carbon Black. I mixed in The Red around the lips/nose/eyes.
  • Eyes: Mars Orange, Carbon Black for the pupil. The White mixed with Carbon Black for the eye and the attempt at an amber eye colour was Mars Orange.
  • Base: Kimera Red Oxide, drybrushed with Yellow Oxide then white, then Natural Soil from Soilworks for the pigment.
  • Green: Scale75 Art Spring Green, highlighted with Cold Yellow from Kimera, further highlight of The White. Carbon Black as the shade.
  • NMM Gold: Kimera Oxide Brown Dark, highlighted with Cold Yellow, further highlight of The White, slight glaze of Warm Yellow
  • Red: The Red, shaded with Carbon Black, highlighted with Cold Yellow, further highlight of The White
  • Bone: Honey Moon Yellow, tinted with The White, shaded with Oxide Brown Dark
  • Sword: Mars Orange and Scale75 Orange mixed together as the base, glazed up with just Orange and then Diarylide Yellow, then Cold Yellow, with edges of Orange + Oxide Brown Dark then just Oxide Brown Dark.
  • NMM Silver: Kimera Carbon Black, Scale75 Cobalt and Kimera The White.

The backpack has a Praetor topper:

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