1988 Chaos Champion Corvus Bloodreaper with Scythe by Jes Goodwin

This guy went by 0218-02 in the 1988 catalogues, and was shown as a Champion of Slaanesh in the 073142/6 blister in the 1990 Winter trade catalogue.

In the Combat Card range he’s shown as Corvus Bloodreaper, Wizard of Chaos.

Painted in Feb/March 2024:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Green: Kimera Phthalo Green, shaded with a mix of that and The Red. Highlight of Phthalo Green with some The White added.
  • Skin/Leather: Scale75 Art Pink Skin, then a highlight of Scale75 Art Off White, then Citadel Contrast Guilliman Flesh, then a little bit of Contrast Sigvald Burgundy. Then Berserker Bloodshade.
  • Bone: Scale75 Art Off White, stripes with The White and Burnt Sienna Umber, wash of Wyldwood
  • Wood: Scale75 Art Burnt Sienna Umber, then stripes of Off White and White, then a wash of Wyldwood
  • Silver: Black Metal, washed with Targor Rageshade. Highlight of Heavy Metal.
  • Rust: Kimera Oxide Brown Medium and Kimera Orange, heavily diluted with water.
  • Base: PVA glue + sand, a couple of small rocks, base coat of Scale75 Art Burgundy Wine Red, pigments of Soilworks Mars mixed with Dark Mud, then Sand on the rocks. Rim is Vallejo Black Grey.

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