Dark Watcher by Reaper Miniatures – Paint Scheme

Loosely inspired by the Spectator from Baldur’s Gate 2.

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Red: Kimera The Red, shaded with Slaughter Red, dot highlights of Scale75 white ink, then Kimera Cold Yellow, then the lot washed with Magmadroth Flame with the occasional bit of Berserker Bloodshade mixed in. Tongue was drybrushed with The White and washed with Baal Red contrast with a shade of Sigvald Burgundy. Shade of Targor Rageshade in the non-circular skin bumps.
  • Green: Kimera Phthalo Green, then drybrushed with The White mixed with that, then a wash of Shamrock Green from Army Painter followed by a wash of Orc Skin in the recesses.
  • Bone: The White fofllowed by Bony Matter. Teeth then had Mortarion Grime all over them with a little bit of Targor Rageshade for between the teeth.
  • Base: Moss Green Soilworks then Mars followed by Gypsum on the rocks, with a little bit of Ash mixed in in patches.

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