Metal Rogue Trader Space Marine Brother Fielding with Shuriken Catapult

At first this chap went by Brother Fielding, and in the 1991 catalogue he’s shown as Shuriken Catapult 070106/18. He appears in the Citadel Combat Cards as Marine Trooper Brother Janner. Apparently that’s a British nickname for people from Plymouth.


  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Cobalt Blue, tinted with The White, shaded with Carbon Black
  • Lenses: Cobalt Bluegreen mixed with Cold Yellow and The White
  • Base: PVA glue + some small Noch rocks, then around that Armageddon Dust. All that undercoated with Vallejo Mecha Black, then painted with Scale75 Artist Red Ochre, drybrushed with a mix of that and Golden Flesh, then a further drybrush of that and Kimera The White. Then Natural Soil pigment was added, and some tufts from Vallejo and a little bit of undergrowth from Noch.
  • Bone: Honey Moon Yellow, tinted with The White, shaded with watered down Oxide Brown Medium
  • Red: The Red, highlighted with Cold Yellow, shaded with Carbon Black
  • Rim: Vallejo Model Colour Black Grey