Metal Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Headless Chaos Renegade

Here’s one of the two Chaos Facemarines from that era. Part number 070366/2 in the 1991 catalogue, he’s a Michael Perry sculpt. 1988 on the tab.

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Turquoise Blue SART-26, shaded with Scale75 Turquoise Ink SART-83, highlighted with Kimera The White and with Turquoise Blue glazed over that.
  • Eye: The White mixed with Carbon Black, pupil of Carbon Black, iris of Scale75 Art Sky Blue
  • Base: Kimera Red Oxide, drybrush of Scale75 Art Off White, then Reddish Brown pigment, then Natural Soil pigment
  • Silver: Black Metal, followed by Heavy Metal as a highlight. Wash of Targor Rageshade.
  • Gold: Necro Gold, then Dwarven Gold, then Peridot Alchemy. A wash of Scale75 Chestnut Ink then Dwarven Gold again.
  • Skin: Scale75 Art Pink Flesh, highlight with The White. Shade with Berserker Bloodshade.
  • Base rim: Vallejo Model Colour Black Grey

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