Rogue Trader Furibundus Class Destroyer Dreadnought Fury 070184 3

This guy is nicknamed Fury in the catalogues!

Fury has the wide-body 070184/9, the right double bolter arm 070184/1, the left lascannon arm 070184/10, standard shoulder mounts 070184/6 and short legs L/R 070184/11 and 070184/12 respectively. More pics to come once he’s assembled and painted!

Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha black

Blue: Scale75 Artist Prussian Blue blended up to Cobalt Blue, blended to Primary Blue with a highlight of Primary Blue

Red: Scale75 Art White covered in Primary Red, highlighted with Orange, then Primary Yellow, shaded with Primary Red + Art Black

Silver: Scale75 Black Metal, shaded with Prussian Blue, highlighted with Thrash Metal

Green: Scale75 Art White followed by Sap Green, then Spring Green, then Lit Green Pigment

White: Pearl Grey, highlighted with Art White

Work in progress:

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