Metal Rogue Trader Warhammer 40K Brother Froth Space Marine

This guy was a 1987 GW sculpt! He was shown as Brother Froth initially, but by 1988 he had changed his name to Brother Sheer and acquired a sight on his gun and a fatter pauldron – likely to fix a casting issue with the old design. At any rate this is the earlier iteration! I can’t find him in the 1991 catalogue unlike most of his brothers.

Someone at some point seems to have filed down the studs on his left pauldron.


Colours used:

  • Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black
  • Blue: Scale75 Art Cobalt Blue, shaded with Prussian Blue, highlighted with Pro Acryl Titanium White mixed with Cobalt Blue
  • Red: Pro Acryl Bold Pyrrole Red, highlighted with Golden Yellow, shaded with Targor Rageshade
  • Lenses: Scale75 Art Spring Green, highlighted with Golden Yellow, shaded with Art Black, dot of Titanium White
  • Silver: Scale75 Heavy Metal, shaded with Targor Rageshade, highlighted with Heavy Metal and Speed Metal
  • Symbols: Cobalt Blue mixed with Titanium White
  • Base: PVA + Noch Ballast, then Dark Mud, Natural Soil and Sand on the base, Natural Soil on the legs, and Vallejo Wild Tuft – Dry – 6mm used cut in half.

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