Paint Day 3

Weather’s a bit cold for my liking at the moment. Not cold/wet enough to warrant keeping the little ones inside day but certainly windy and chilly enough that I’d rather not venture out myself.

Our first set of Gryph-hounds have been declared complete and they are, by anyone’s estimation, pretty good lookin’ fellows. Miss Griffin is very happy with her first efforts painting and particularly given her age and previous level of interest in painting, I have to say I’m definitely impressed.

Master Griffin is learning to be ok with learning – and he’s doing a better job at that than me! Perfectionism and a competitive nature are definitely familial traits (on both sides, mind you!) and we’re all coming to terms with just how easy it isn’t, to paint well. Mr Griffin disagrees, but with several years head start I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison.

We’ve been back on the Frontline Hobbies website perusing the colours as Mr Griffin tells us that we need to be using different paints and our paints differently. Master Griffin tells me that we need an spray gun instead. Perhaps a can of black spray paint would do?

I think the summary is that we’re not very good but using the right tool for the right job would be a good start.

Ordering more paints and then it’s lunch time!

Citadel Base: Night Lords Blue
Citadel Layer: Hoeth Blue
Citadel Shade: Drakenhof Nightshade

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