Paint Day 4

Yesterday, we went with playing Dragonwood and assembled some creative commons low-poly models that Mr Griffin had 3d printed. FDM printing certainly doesn’t have the fine detail of resin but it’s keeping us amused and it doesn’t break the bank. Having something with less detail seems to be a good option for days when they’re having more trouble staying on one project.

Home school and waning motivation is proving to be a challenge. Board games have been a blessing, though. Dragonwood is great fun; easy to learn and play quickly, the games don’t go for hours and even with the age gap between Miss and Master Griffin they both remain interested.

On our last paint shopping trip (online) we also picked up Quarto which has been really fun. On the surface it seems quite simple to play but strategically it can be quite challenging.

Hopefully, we’ll get to more painting in the next week.

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