Paint Day 5

Miss Griffin now has some easy to build Stormcast Eternals. She’s settled on an (almost) less out there colour scheme for them and they’re well on their way to being built.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other Age of Sigmar miniatures to play with but I’m sure that will change over time. At this point, she’s enjoying pairing her Gryph-hounds with the assortment of dolls and dollhouse furniture that she has. I’m not sure Gryph-hounds in suburbia was ever part of GW’s plan but it really seems to work.

Master Griffin is still working away at his Space Wolves but after playing a few games with them he’s discovered that he doesn’t really enjoy close quarters combat. He’s thinking of starting again as Imperial Fists or designing his own but essentially wants to use all of his points on only the biggest long-range attack options.

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