Painting a Raven Guard Phobos Lieutenant

Painting up a sneaky beaky! Trying to mix a road base with the ash-waste style bases of some of the other Phobos RG units I have.

Marble base piece: Ushabti Bone/Pallid Wych Flesh/Agrax/Terminatus/Longbeard

Base ash: London Grey/Longbeard Grey

Armour: Black Grey, edge highlights London Grey, drybrush Dawnstone for the dust, Light Slate Grey pigment for recess dust

Battle damage armour: Abaddon Black/Stormhost Silver

Company Colour: 50/50 Naggaroth Night and Warlord Purple

Eye lenses: Moot Green/Warpstone Green/White Scar

Vox cable on chest: Black Red/Phalanx Yellow/Evil Sunz Scarlet

Leather pouches: Doombull Brown/Agrax/Skrag Brown

Writing on scrolls: Rhinox Hide

Edge highlight on gun: Grey Knights Steel then smaller Stormhost

Helmet: Khorne Red for stripe

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