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Dark Millennium Token, Card and Template Box STL for 3D Printing


This is a STL for a token, dice, card and template box designed to contain those items from the 2nd Edition expansion – Dark Millennium.



It fits in the original cardboard box that the Dark Millennium set came in.


It fits on a 250×250 bed or larger, unless you want to cut it. Prusaslicer has some pretty good cutting functionality nowadays but I have not tried that myself. Dimensions are:


Base:  247 x 245 x 35.2mm

Lid:  247 x 245 x 52.74mm

Card insert: 90.7 x 203.32 x 26.32mm


When assembled the overall height is approx. 75.4mm.


This is a 3D printable STL and no physical product is provided. No tokens, cards or templates – or their STLs – are included. Tokens, cards and templates that fit in are all shown. List:


  • 24x vehicle cards (I only have two at ~1.05mm high each, so I extrapolated – let me know if there’s any errors)
  • 60x psychic power cards
  • 36x Warp cards
  • 18x Strategy cards
  • 10x Vehicle cards
  • 9x tokens
  • 7x templates
  • 55x wargear cards
  • 4x Mission cards

Licensed for personal use only, drop me a line if you want to print it commercially.


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