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Stone Town Kickstarter Suggested Printing Settings

This relates to our Kickstarter, and covers both PrusaSlicer and Cura approaches to printing the objects without supports. I’d strongly suggest using PrusaSlicer (which works with machines other than Prusas, including Enders) given the added convenience of the ability to choose the bridging angle as you’ll see below. By default, most slicers seem to use […]

Stone Town Kickstarter Painting Update #4

This one was super quick: Stone: Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Black Base Coat: Citadel Morghast Bone Pigment: Scale75 Soilworks Dark Earth SPG-10 That’s it. It’s a very speedy way of getting something tabletop ready in short order. The door was painted with the same colours as the gangway. Speaking of the gangway: