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Klipper and if statements – on a Voron 2.4, but not printer specific

Learned a few new things recently with Klipper and varying things like pressure advance based on variables that the slicer passes on. This is on my Voron 2.4r2-4473. The Aussie Makerbogans discord helped out here by pointing out that Klipper is using Jinja2 – so while googling for Klipper help with if/then/else etc. didn’t turn […]

FDM 3D Printing Wargaming Terrain Slicer Settings

These are the settings I use for printing the wargaming terrain we sell. These work on our Prusa Mk3S printers and may require tweaking when applied to other printers – take them as a starting point. I find that 0.2mm layer height works as a good compromise between speed and quality, where if you want […]

Stone Town Kickstarter Suggested Printing Settings

This relates to our Kickstarter, and covers both PrusaSlicer and Cura approaches to printing the objects without supports. I’d strongly suggest using PrusaSlicer (which works with machines other than Prusas, including Enders) given the added convenience of the ability to choose the bridging angle as you’ll see below. By default, most slicers seem to use […]

Anycubic Eco resin settings

These are on a Mars 2 Pro printer with a screen protector in place. These figures are for the Anycubic Eco Pink resin. Chitubox settings: Bottom Layer Count: 7 Bottom Exposure Time: 32s Wait Mode During Printing: Resting Rest Time Before Lift: 0 Rest Time After Lift: 0 Rest Time After Retract: 0.5s Bottom Lift […]

Upgraded Misumi rods and bearings for Prusa Mk3 printers

Following one of our printers suffering a bearing failure and trashing the linear rod, we replaced them with the following: PSFJ8-370 x2 PSFJ8-330 x2 PSFJ8-320 x2 LM8UU x10 With freight it ended up being about $200AUD for the lot. These have close to 10K print hours on them with no issues, and they’re less noisy […]