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Anycubic Eco resin settings

These are on a Mars 2 Pro printer with a screen protector in place. These figures are for the Anycubic Eco Pink resin. Chitubox settings: Bottom Layer Count: 7 Bottom Exposure Time: 32s Wait Mode During Printing: Resting Rest Time Before Lift: 0 Rest Time After Lift: 0 Rest Time After Retract: 0.5s Bottom Lift […]

Anycubic Eco UV Resin MSDS safety data sheet

I couldn’t find a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the Anycubic Eco UV Resin anywhere, so I asked Anycubic for a copy. Within hours they emailed me a copy – attached here for anyone else who was curious and didn’t want to wait for them to send it to them. It seems to be […]