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Battle Report: KT 2020-04-21

The Mini Griffins played Thousand Suns vs. Chaos Space Marines in a matched play mission (Recover Intelligence). As an experiment, we set up a bunch of shipping crates to make one long corridor between the deployment zones with the central objective marker inside. The corridor proved to be hotly contested for most of the five-round […]

Battle Report: KT 2020-04-20

Thousand Sons v. Space Wolf Terminators today in regular Kill Team. We took some inspiration from the LVO 2020 championship terrain layout and designed/printed some shipping container-esque terrain pieces, using four on the regular Kill Team board. While the Mini Griffins are really enjoying playing harder-to-kill models it seems that in at least some of […]

Battle Report – KTA 2020-04-17

Played our first game of Killteam Arena today – Grey Knights vs. Khorne Berserkers. The claustrophobic board was a little reminiscent of oldschool Space Hulk, which I rather enjoyed. Both Master and Miss Griffin enjoyed the door mechanic and the walled board. The mission was Forgotten Data, and while the Grey Knight Terminators did not […]