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Battle Report: 2021-05-15

Today it was a Raven Guard Successor chapter vs. the Angels of Annihilation (Imperial Fists successor). 500pt game which was largely decided before the second turn of the first round. A RG smash captain and Bladeguard Veteran squad were Master of Ambushed up the board and successfully charged an Outrider squad, between the two of […]

Battle Report: Raven Guard vs. Space Wolves 2020-09-26

Played a 500pt combat patrol game today with a Raven Guard successor force vs. some Space Wolves. Nobody had a fully painted force and some of the SW were borrowed RG units, so no 10pts for either team. The game was a Combat Patrol Incisive Attack and the RG’s secondaries were Cut Off The Head, […]

9th Ed 40K Battle Report: Raven Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines

Last night saw the Raven Guard face off against Chaos in a 500pt Combat Patrol game. Raven Guard won on points, though they were certainly losing in terms of casualties. Takeaways: The new ruined walls set of six was the MVP as far as terrain goes, with just the one set making a meaningful difference […]

Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-06-29

Primaris vs. Primaris this time around! Raven Guard took on Space Wolves. Takeaways for the Space Wolves – the Easy To Build 3x Reiver + 3x Intercessor squad combo lacks punch vs. a more customised set of Primaris marines. Takeaways for the Raven Guard – Thunder Hammer + Intercessor Sergeant = very threatening. Auto Bolt […]

Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-04-27

Angry Griffin Battle Report Photo - 2020-04-27

Today’s Kill Team battle consisted of Master Griffin’s Khorne Bersekers fighting Raven Guard Primaris units.     The Khorne side had a bit of bad luck with the dice rolls and largely failed to get into close combat before being fired upon by the RG team. The Raven Guard did suffer from their own bad […]

Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-04-22

Today’s Kill Team showdown was between a Raven Guard Primaris force and some Chaos Space Marines. The scenario was Objective Ultima. For something different we decided to use a Chaos Berserker Dreadnought as the central objective, and four computer consoles to “control” it as the secondaries. From the Raven Guard perspective the Reiver Sergeants are […]

Battle Report: KT 2020-04-21

The Mini Griffins played Thousand Suns vs. Chaos Space Marines in a matched play mission (Recover Intelligence). As an experiment, we set up a bunch of shipping crates to make one long corridor between the deployment zones with the central objective marker inside. The corridor proved to be hotly contested for most of the five-round […]

Battle Report: KT 2020-04-20

Thousand Sons v. Space Wolf Terminators today in regular Kill Team. We took some inspiration from the LVO 2020 championship terrain layout and designed/printed some shipping container-esque terrain pieces, using four on the regular Kill Team board. While the Mini Griffins are really enjoying playing harder-to-kill models it seems that in at least some of […]

Battle Report – KTA 2020-04-17

Played our first game of Killteam Arena today – Grey Knights vs. Khorne Berserkers. The claustrophobic board was a little reminiscent of oldschool Space Hulk, which I rather enjoyed. Both Master and Miss Griffin enjoyed the door mechanic and the walled board. The mission was Forgotten Data, and while the Grey Knight Terminators did not […]