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Warhammer 40K Metal Techmarine from Command Box 1998

Some oldhammer! Or is this middlehammer? I lose track. This Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Techmarine was released as part of the Company Command box set a month 3rd edition hit, apparently – which would put him at being released in late 1998. Still using the same metal backpack as the older 2nd Ed. Techmarines, his […]

Painting a C100 Chainsaw Warrior from 1987

This guy was released in 1987 with the board game of the same name, and was apparently tied into Warhammer 40K in the 1988 Rogue Trader Part One flyer. You got three for £1.95 – the Chainsaw Warrior with Reaper (heavy weapon), Chainsaw Warrior with Missile Launcher and the guy pictured above – the Chainsaw […]