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Warhammer 40K Metal Techmarine from Command Box 1998

Some oldhammer! Or is this middlehammer? I lose track. This Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Techmarine was released as part of the Company Command box set a month 3rd edition hit, apparently – which would put him at being released in late 1998. Still using the same metal backpack as the older 2nd Ed. Techmarines, his […]

Battle Report: 2021-05-15

Today it was a Raven Guard Successor chapter vs. the Angels of Annihilation (Imperial Fists successor). 500pt game which was largely decided before the second turn of the first round. A RG smash captain and Bladeguard Veteran squad were Master of Ambushed up the board and successfully charged an Outrider squad, between the two of […]

Painting energy effects on Warhammer 40K thunder hammers

I’m painting up some Raven Guard Primaris Intercessors squads where the sergeants have thunder hammers, and here’s the recipe I’m using to get the following look: The hammer started off being undercoated in Mecha Black and a base coat of Hashut Copper was applied. A wash of Canoptek Armourshade was next and once that dried […]

Raven Guard Primaris Eliminator Paint Scheme

Here’s how I paint the Raven Guard Primaris Eliminators. This is one of my early attempts at a Raven Guard paint scheme – I currently use a darker shade of grey but I like this one still. Undercoat: Vallejo Mecha Primer, Black 73.642 Armour base coat: Vallejo Model Color Black Grey 70.862 Recess shading: Citadel […]

Painting a Raven Guard Phobos Lieutenant

Painting up a sneaky beaky! Trying to mix a road base with the ash-waste style bases of some of the other Phobos RG units I have. Marble base piece: Ushabti Bone/Pallid Wych Flesh/Agrax/Terminatus/Longbeard Base ash: London Grey/Longbeard Grey Armour: Black Grey, edge highlights London Grey, drybrush Dawnstone for the dust, Light Slate Grey pigment for […]

Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-06-29

Primaris vs. Primaris this time around! Raven Guard took on Space Wolves. Takeaways for the Space Wolves – the Easy To Build 3x Reiver + 3x Intercessor squad combo lacks punch vs. a more customised set of Primaris marines. Takeaways for the Raven Guard – Thunder Hammer + Intercessor Sergeant = very threatening. Auto Bolt […]

40K Raven Guard: Where are the Mor Deythan?

Gav Thorpe’s Corax anthology provides an explanation for this in the Weregeld story on p. 461:   It used to be that the Shadowmasters had hunted in squads, using their unique Corax-gifted abilities to sow discord and terror amongst their foes. Now they worked alone, their number reduced to a handful amongst all the legionaires […]

Battle Report: Kill Team 2020-04-22

Today’s Kill Team showdown was between a Raven Guard Primaris force and some Chaos Space Marines. The scenario was Objective Ultima. For something different we decided to use a Chaos Berserker Dreadnought as the central objective, and four computer consoles to “control” it as the secondaries. From the Raven Guard perspective the Reiver Sergeants are […]